The territorial issue (e-book)
The territorial issue (e-book)

Prohibition on legal gambling as set forth by local regulations.

The territorial issue characterizing the Italian public gaming is a real case study at an international level. With a contribution of Italian undersecretary for the economy, Pier Paolo Baretta. Author: Geronimo Cardia. Publisher: Gn Media.

Understanding Problem Gamblers
Understanding Problem Gamblers

A Practitioner's Guide to Effective Intervention; 
Free Association Books, London / New York; 
Paul Bellringer; 


The age of chance
The age of chance

Gambling in Western Culture
Routledge Studies in Social and Political Thought, London / New York; 
Gerda Reith; 

Global Gambling
Global Gambling

Cultural Perspectives on Gambling Organisations
Sytze F. Kingma

The Leeway of Lotteries  in the European Union
The Leeway of Lotteries in the European Union

A pilotstudy on the liberalisation of gambling markets in the EU
Sytze F. Kingma and Tatiana van Lier