Workshop 1


Workshop Overview: The organisation of the Workshop on Regulation is a joined venture between the Maltese Gaming Authority and Internation Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL). More updates on this works will be posted as soon as possible.


Workshop 2 


Workshop Overview: Meditation Awareness Training (MAT) is an evidenced-based personal and professional skills training program that uses and teaches the principles of mindfulness. MAT has been used to effectively treat gambling disorder as well as other behavioural addictions such as work addiction and sex addiction. The intervention has also been applied in a range of treatment and non-treatment contexts where it has been shown to improve depression, anxiety, stress, positive affect, chronic pain, work-effectiveness, work-related wellbeing, decision-making competency, and job satisfaction. The workshop will explore the use of interventions such as MAT, as well as mindfulness more generally, for treating gambling disorder. With a focus on both research and practice, the workshop will comprise a series of seminars, guided mindfulness exercises, focussed discussions, and group work.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. The principles of mindfulness
  2. How to practice mindfulness effectively
  3. Key research directions in mindfulness and gambling disorder
  4. Practical considerations for using mindfulness to treat gambling disorder
  5. Mechanisms of action
  6. Risks and issues